Aerial Silks and Aerial Hoop

Like gymnastics, aerial silks builds
strength, flexibility, and coordination

Aerial silks is an athletic art form most often
associated with Cirque du Soleil.
It involves paired lengths of fabric hung from above
that are climbed, wrapped around the body, and/or tied
to create dramatic drops, poses and movement
above the ground

Ongoing classes

Sundays 7 to 8:30pm
Wednesdays 8:30 to 10pm
Sokol Greater Cleveland
at Bohemian National Hall
4939 Broadway Avenue
Cleveland OH 44127

Cost for Non-Members:
Drop-in: $20/class
5-Class Card: $80

Cost for Members:
Drop-in: $15/class
5-Class Card: $60

Five-class cards are non-transferable
but do not expire.
May be used for five classes
on the days of your choice;
subject to availability and pre-registration

Aerial silks class schedule
Sundays  7-8:30pm
Wednesdays 8:30-10pm

Please arrive 10-15 minutes early the day of your first class
to read and sign liability paperwork and to pay for the class.

Must be at least 16 years of age to participate, and those under 18
require parent's consent
Please read our FAQ's for more info.  

Click Here  for FAQs

Pre-registration through the online sign-up page is
required to participate in the aerial classes.


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Aerial Silks
Performing at
Greater Cleveland's
Winter Exhibition
March 7,2015
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