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It’s well known that NE Ohio, particularly at the turn of the century, was the adopted home of immigrants from many European counties.  
What may not be well known is that the Greater Cleveland area has one of the highest concentrations of
Czech and Slovak ancestry in the country.   

Descendants of these Europeans have kept alive many of the traditions, customs and pride of their heritage through an abundance of
ethnic organizations.  Some of these include the Slovak Institute, First Slovak Catholic Union, National Slovak Society, American Slovak
Sokol Camp, Cleveland-Bratislava Sister Cities, Czech Cultural Garden, Czech American Committee of Greater Cleveland, Czech Catholic
Union, Sokol Greater Cleveland, Karlin Hall, Bohemian National Hall, as well as Czech and Slovak radio programs.

Thanks to the support of these organizations and their members, a traditional gathering and celebration is held  to recognize the
accomplishments of young women of Czech or Slovak heritage.  
This celebration is the Czech & Slovak Cotillion Ball held in Spring.    
Czech & Slovak Cotillion Ball
Since 1972, two hundred and thirty debutantes from NE Ohio
have been presented at the Czech and Slovak Cotillion Ball

The Czech and Slovak Cotillion Ball Committee seeks debutantes.
If  you know of a young woman between the ages of 16 and 21 of Czech or Slovak heritage,
please contact Daniel Tobik  at dtobik@yahoo.com for futher information.
Sokol Greater Cleveland
at Bohemian National Hall
4939 Broadway Avenue
Cleveland OH 44127

Group Cotillion photos
of debutantes from
any previous years
are requested.
They will be part of a historical
record of Cotillions on this page.

Please mail photos to
Georgia Maresh,
10759 Partridge Trail, Brecksville OH 44141,
Original photos will be returned  
email photo as jpg attachment  to
No Ball
No Ball
2012 Cotillion Photos
Courtesy of JJ Vencl and Julie Meyer

Watch for details
of  Next Scheduled