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A recent project completed in 2005 was the transformation of one of the rooms
on the main floor of Bohemian National Hall to house  the history, cultural artifacts and
traditions of the original Czech community in the Cleveland area.
The museum pays tribute to the memory and dedication of those who built Bohemian
National Hall and celebrates the heritage passed down to decendants. Photographs and
documentation of early events associated with the Hall and the Sokol organization are
prominently displayed.  

Several displays of folk costumes are part of the museum's collection, as well as Czech
crystal, pottery, glassware, toys, books, paintings, photographs and other items.  On display
also are several vintage marionettes for which the Czechs have a long history of marionette
theatre dating back to the 1700's.  

Some vintage items along with many newer items representing Czech heritage are sold in
the gift shop area.  The Czech Republic is known for its high-quality garnets and you'll  find
a selection of garnets in a variety of contemporary or classic settings available for purchase.

Tomas G Masaryk
Statue Dedication
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'Czech' out Garnets & crystal
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Czech  Marionettes
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