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Sokol Slet
    2018 Sokol Greater Cleveland XVI All Sokol Slet
Tour to Germany - Austria- Czech Republic
Sokol Greater Cleveland
at Bohemian National Hall
4939 Broadway Avenue
Cleveland OH 44127
Overview of Sokol Greater Cleveland XVI All Sokol Slet Tour to Germany-
Austria - Czech Republic

A week in Prauge

Itinerary- June 24-July 8 2018

Reservation Sheet
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Hello Past Travelers,

Just letting you know we are having another tour in conjunction with the Sokol Slet in Prague next year.
In the attachments to this email you'll find a tour that starts in Bavaria, Germany (Munich), goes to the Alps (Innsbruck & Salzburg), then makes it's way into Southern Bohemia (Cesky
Krumlov, Czech Republic) before arriving to Prague for Slet week. Also enclosed is a day to day itinerary for the tour and a reservation form.

For those who can't do 2 weeks in Europe, see the attachment "A Week in Prague" which actually does more than just Prague. See daily itinerary starting on June 30th to July 8th. For
those interested in that can just cross out Germany & Austria on the reservation form and I'll know which tour you would be interested in.

Just hotel is what you want? See on the "A Week in Prague" page for hotel accommodations during that week at the Hotel Roma.

Likewise, for those interested in just Germany, Austria and up to Prague (not spending the entire week in Prague) arrangements can be made for that as well. Just contact me to let
me know and I will give you details and pricing.

If you or somebody you know have any interest in any of these tours or arrangements have them or yourself contact me with any questions. I'd be happy to answer them.

Thank you,

P.S. Feel free to forward this email to family, friends, or whoever you know that might be interested.

Vlad Nemecek
email: vjnemecek@aol.com
Tel: 901.570.0361