Aerial Silks FAQ

How do I enroll in aerial silks classes?
Pre-registration through the online sign-up page is required to participate in the aerial silks classes. NO DROP-INS ARE PERMITTED WITHOUT PRE-REGISTRATION.   Please arrive 10-15 minutes early the day of your first class to read and sign liability paperwork and to pay for the class. Students under the age of 18 require parents’ consent to participate.

Is there an age or weight restriction to participate in the silks classes?
The minimum age to participate in the classes is currently 16 years old. The maximum weight is 220 pounds.

How much are the classes? How do I pay for them?
The class prices are listed on the main aerial silks page. A single class is $20, payable only by cash or check made out to Sokol Greater Cleveland before the BEGINNING of the class. Discounts are available for Sokol members. Five-class cards are also available and may be purchased at the beginning of class via cash or check, or at the conclusion of the class via cash/check/credit card, but only after a $20 deposit is received via cash or check before the class begins (that $20 can be applied to the full price of the card on that same day only). If paying with cash, please bring small bills since there is limited change available. We are not accepting online payments at this time.

Can I share a five-class card with my friend?
No. Class cards are non-sharable and non-transferable, but they do not expire, and may be used for any regular Sunday or Wednesday class with pre-registration, as they fit your schedule.

Do I need upper body strength to do this?
While it certainly helps, aerial silks is a great full-body workout that will help you build strength, flexibility, coordination, balance and confidence. I’ve had students who struggled to hold themselves off the ground their first day of class who, over time, can now easily climb to the top of the fabric, and are even class assistants now.

What should I wear/bring to class?
Wear comfortable, close-fitting clothing made preferably of cotton/synthetic blends (nylon, spandex, polyester, etc.) that cover at least your underarms, torso, and legs to mid-calf (but not your hands nor feet). Yoga pants or running tights and an athletic, short- or long-sleeve shirt are just fine for your first visit (don’t go out and buy anything new until you know you like the class). The instructors typically wear tights, bodysuit, volleyball/athletic shorts, & a short- or long-sleeve shirt over top (yes, lots of layers). Bring a water bottle and a hand towel since the space is NOT air-conditioned. If you have a grip enhancer (rosin, Firm Grip, etc), please bring it, too.

Come to class CLEAN! Locker rooms have showers that are available for your use – bring your own towel and toiletries. Please remove all jewelry, watches, etc., before participating as they may snag & damage the fabric. Avoid wearing clothing with zippers or Velcro.

How is the class structured? What should I expect on my first visit?
On the day of your first visit, please arrive at least 10-15 minutes early to read and sign liability paperwork and to pay for the class ($20 cash or check only). All of the aerial silks classes are mixed level. We begin with a group warm-up that includes running, stretching & conditioning, and then we move to the fabric. A team of instructors will split up the participants based on skill level to provide individualized aerial instruction to
all students. New movement is always learned close to the ground before trying the movement incrementally higher as control and confidence are built.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact Leslie via email: with “Aerial Silks” in the subject line,
or phone: 216.20.CLIMB (216-202-5462).